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Tablespace DDL

Hi Team

I am very fond of TOAD and want to see how toad is generating Tablespace DDL

i tried to use SQL Tracker to see the script of Tablespace but i couldnt get the script that TOAD is using to generate the DDL

I tried DBMS_METADATA but its not giving me the correct way, where as TOAD is providing the correct way.

Can some one help me to get the Correct SCRIPT to pull the Tablespace DDL how toad is pulling the same way

Appreciate it.

Use Toad debug in a way that you choose menu item:

Database|Spool SQL|“Spool sql to screen”

This start “recording” everthing toad is doing in screen (lower tab window.

Choose command you like.

Then you could see what Toad is doing.

We don’t have a query that has the tablespace DDL as a result. We build that out of the query results.

If you use Spool SQL or SQL Tracker, you’ll see the queries that we run. Everything you need is in the result of those queries.