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Encryption in transit


Our security standards require encryption “in transit” of data from and to our databases. Does Toad support this and is there anything “extra” that needs to be done to ensure it works as expected? I’m asking, because Oracle SQL Developer tool requires a plug-in to enable this for it to use encryption.

Appreciate your feedback.


You need to purchase Oracle advanced security option with any tool - including SQL Developer and Toad. All tools talk to the database via SQLNet and SQLNet passes stuff encrypted only when you buy advanced security option.


Yes, thank you. We do have OAS and know how to set this up. I was just not sure if Toad would need anything specific.


You are good to go. Toad will automatically send all packets encrypted when OAS SQL*Net is installed on both the server and all clients. Toad does not require any extra plug-ins or setup.


Thank you!