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Are SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 supported in TOAD?

We are trying to move from using SHA1 for the sqlnet.crypto_checksum_type_client/server to SHA512. It works fine with SQL*Plus, but TOAD returns an ORA-12650: No Common Encryption Or Data Integrity Algorithm error. If I add SHA1 to the allowed list, it works, but that algorithm is no longer good and I've been told to use a higher one.
My question is: Why doesn't it work with TOAD? What is TOAD doing different from other applications?


Toad doesn't handle the encryption/decryption. The Oracle client does that. Which Oracle client version are you using with Toad? Use whatever you are using with SQL*Plus and I think you'll be OK.

That's what I thought. I'm using the same Oracle client, 19.3, for both. That's why I'm confused.

I did have a 12.1 Oracle home installed as well. I renamed that directory, forcing TOAD to use the 19 Oracle home and now it works. I did choose the Oracle 19 home in the Oracle home dropdown in TOAD before. Apparently, it didn't pay any attention to that, until it couldn't find the 12.1 home.

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If you change the "connect using" dropdown, and then double-click the connection you want in the grid, it'll use whatever home is listed on that row in the grid. If you just set the dropdown, then clicked OK, I'm not sure why it did that.

I did both of those. When I picked the 19c one from the dropdown and then double clicked on the database to connect to, it reverted back to the 12c one. If I picked the 19c one, then hit OK, it stayed. Apparently, it didn't actually use it, though.
Since it can't find the 12c one now, it's no longer an issue, but it's important to know that as we roll out 19c clients across campus.

I've also heard of cases where once Toad has connected with one Oracle client, then you disconnect all sessions and try to connect with another, that sometimes the wrong DLL can be loaded. I believe this is an Oracle client bug, but it's under investigation.

If you are interested, you could confirm this by:

  1. renaming your 12c folder back to its original location
  2. making 19c the first thing you connect with once Toad is started.