Enhancement on "Export to Graphic file"... function


I am wondering if it is possible to allow user to export the graphic/model into a PDF format as well?
I am also wondering if it is possible to generate the report on pdf format too. I understood that we could use other software to convert it to PDF, but i think it would be more convenience to convert it in Toads data modeller as we only need to do it once.

I have also test out the Export to Graphic function from
“File --> Export To Graphic File”
When I try to Export on of my very Large model, it returns an error message “Not enough storage is available to process this command” Please see the attachment for more information. Does it mean, it has maximum size on that Export?

I have also notice that when you “Export to Graphic File” on the Open file dialog box (when you find the location and enter the file name that you would like to export the file to.) It does not display any thing on the file type drop down list) Please find the attachment for more information.
I knew that it will automatically put the file name as the file type that you chosen before on “Export to Graphic file” screen. I think it would be make it more clear either not to have “File of type drop down list” on that open dialog screen" or it would be better to set the default value to that drop down list, as whatever the file type you choose before, the file type on that drop down list should be the same. ( I prefer the second solution)

One more that, I think the name of the dialog box should be change from “Open” to “Save” as the process is about to save the files.

please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks


dialogbox.doc (220 KB)

notenoughstorage.doc (183 KB)

Hi Chi,

export to PDF from TDM3 directly is not supported. I have added this as a new feature suggestion to our system (CR#35320). However, you can use for example open source PDFCreator (released under GPL) and “print” the model to PDF.

To export to graphics: a change request for this already exists (CR#33720). In fact, there is a 1MB limit for JPEG files. Please try to export the diagram to PNG or BMP. I recommend PNG - I have just exported my larger model to BMP (24 bits) and the file size was 160 MB! The same model exported to PNG (24 bits) resulted in just 0,6 MB large file.

Thank you for your findings and suggestions related to to Open/Save dialogs and its combo box. You are right, it should be changed. And will be :slight_smile: CR#35321.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback!

Have a nice day,