Enhancement request for uninstaller

In some cases it is necessary to have multiple installations of Toad on one machine. For example, we kept installed at the same time as 10.0 because we still wanted to use the FTP utility in, which was broken in 10.+.

I was uninstalling the 10.5 beta last week and thought I’d try and use the uninstaller. 10.5 beta didn’t show up (not surprisingly), but I did notice that 2 identically named instances of Toad did show up. So if I did want to (say) uninstall and leave 10.0 installed I wouldn’t know which one to select.

As I’ve now installed 10.5 I now have 3 different Toad for Oracle options in the list!

I don’t hink it’s unusual for people to want to kepp old versions installed for a short while when they test new versions, so if the uninstaller were able to indicate which version was which, that might prevent people uninstalling the wrong version.