Enhancement suggestion for TOAD install

I just installed Toad 10.1 and the install was incredibly smooth.

It kept my 9.7 version and copied over my customizations.

But there was a slight annoyance. It did not give me a chance to say if I wanted
to add 10.1 or install it over 9.7. So when was finished I said “OH FECAL
MATTER it killed my 9.7” (words changed so that this email goes through
the thought police)

Of course it did not. After checking I saw I had both. My suggestion is that at
the end of the install it says “you have the following Toads installed:
followed by a list”. It might even be nice enough to say “if you
want to get rid of one do the following…”

It should also remind you that the PROC TEMPLATES in OPTIONS need to be changed
so they point to the new install if you get rid of the old.

ALSO if you widen the OPTIONS window the PROC_TEMPLATE’s file name display
grid should get wider also so you can see the full filespec if you make it wide

ALSO the OPTIONS window is still not in the list of windows (OPTIONS è Windows)
so you can specify that Toad remembers its size.