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Calculate Reclaimable MB


Dear All:

WE got On toad over the tablespace administration: Calculate Reclaimable MB which adds the column and indicate how much we could reclaim. Is that only for info or any way it could generate the datafile resize sql statements?

Any help, advise, suggestion will be highly appreciated.


On Toad 10.1 If you are in the “View Tablespaces” window, after you’ve hit the
‘calculate reclaimable mb’ button, you can either go into the alter tablespace
window and shrink the datafiles from there, or you can use the ‘shrink to
minumum MB’ button to shrink whatever datafiles you have selected on the screen.

Also, if you find the “Calculate reclaimable mb” button takes too long to run,
there is a similar button in the Alter Tablespace window that will run against
just one datafile at a time, so the query is faster. Alter Tablespace, go to the
Datafiles tab, and double-click on one of the datafiles. There is a “minimum
size” button