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enhancements suggestions

Hi there,
here are a few suggestions that came to mind as I’ve begun using TDM:

1- Verify Model : shouldn’t it notify the user, when an index is created on a table, but with no item making the index?
2- Verify Model : shouldn’t reserved words and characters be checked against, in the object’s names?


P.S.: And a last minute one: There’s no autosave? I hadn’t lost work to a software crash in that way since a long time ago! :slight_smile:

Hi Pascal,

  1. A good suggestion- CR 88149.
  2. In Naming Conventions, you can define glossary/words you want to have replaced/not used in names of objects. I will check possibilites for incorporating the function in Model Verification and will let you know.
  3. No autosave so far, so CR 88150 will address it.

Thank you!