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TDM v4.3 - Extend Verification model



In the previous versions of TDM I have extended the validation model with few extra verifications (see attached script). There are bespoke for our development process.

Could you please advise how to extend the new verification model so we could define our own Verification tasks (see the screenshot) ?


VerificationsOR_user.txg (8.69 KB)



the new verification is not customizable. It offers more complex functinality, incl. Quick Fixes for batch corrections of problematic objects. If there is something what should be verified generally (I mean something what other users may need as well) then we can add it to next version and prepare better functionality for all users. If you need to verify something specific, then I recommend you to create new macro that will do the verification according to you rules and write output to the Message Explorer.

Blog article:


Sample that describes how to create new macros:




Why have links that doesn’t work


Hello Peter,

sorry for inconvenience. This thread is almost six years old and was probably migrated several times from different systems. I did my best to find those links but couldn’t find them. The pages they are refering are probably lost.
Unfortunatelly new verificator is not customizable (as mentioned above, but was improved since then), but if you need help with specific thing, just try to formulate your issue and we will do our best to help you.
Anyway if you have some ideas how to improve verificator or other part of Toad Data Modeler, feel free too add your ideas into our Idea Pond.

Best regards,