"Entities" "Properties" "Used Sequence (Triggers)" drop down unsorted


I love to use sequences for ID fields. If I generate a new one and want to select in the drop down box of “Entities” “Properties” “Used Sequence (Triggers)” I get all sequences in the order of genarating the lastet at the bottom, but not in alphabetical order.

May be there is a check that wants to be checked for order this and may be somebody can guide me to let this happen. But if not, may be you can think about
getting this in alphabetical order … - or explain to me why this is in this order.

An other proposal could be to show the last generated Sequence at the top. I believe the most people generate a sequence and want to use it immediately. They don’t love to scroll at the bottom first just after creating it.


Hello Linus,

Thanks for this suggestion. We will definitely deal with it. CR # 69 463.

Until it is resolved, you can take advantage of customization options in TDM and make very simple modification on your own. Please find attached a short flash movie showing what to do - step by step.
(Unzip the movie and run the .htm file.)

What is shown: It refers to the possiblity to customize forms in TDM. To learn more about it, you can read User Guide (see the Help menu), topic Customization - Sample or watch the movie at:

We hope this example will inspire you and encourage you to try some customization functionalities in TDM. Feel free to visit Library for user packages, scripts etc.:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. We’d be happy to help.


Vladka + TDM Team
ChangeSortingInCombobox.zip (701 KB)

Hello Vladka,

yes, I watched the movie.
The issue is not as problematic as it seems. I can find my sequences, but I think it will be easier to find in a sorted list.

Thans for your help.


Hello Linus,

I’m happy to let you know that the CR 69 538 and 69 463 have been fixed.
So, this issue has been resolved for the next TDM version.

Thanks for your great suggestions!




thanks for implementing it.