Ability to order object categories....


Right now, in order to use sequences for triggers needed for entity ID fields, I have to manually create the sequences first. The Order window does not allow me to create the sequences before the tables …

Is there any way to support this in the Modeler?

Hello Shannara,

Good news - sequences will be generated before entities in next version.
Concerning Order of Generated Objects - yes, there is a bug. It will be fixed for next version too.

Problem description: In current version, it is not possible to change order of first object in a group/category of objects. E.g. you have group Sequences and Sequence 1. You are not be able to put it at the top of the objects in the Order of Generated Objects dialog.
Current workaround: If you create another sequence, you can change its order now (order of Sequence 2).

Thanks for your co-operation!


Vladka + TDM Team