ER Diagram

I have an ER Diagram that is generated for the schema I'm using, but the format of it, even selecting "Autoformat" is basically unreadable and definitely unprintable. As you can see from the (partial) snapshot I've attached, there are a lot of tables involved (I don't have a complete count), but I'm hoping there is some way to get this "logically" arranged aside from individually moving each table.

Thanks for any assistance. :slight_smile:

You can limit the number of tables, you can build sub-models, or you can tell
Toad to increase the spacing between the objects. For the 3rd option,
you’ll need to export it to Toad Data Modeler first – you have more
control and flexibility of the display there.

You can try to disable showing table details, using Object names only option from the toolbar. So you will get smaller table boxes and more space. Then try again Autolayout feature from the toolbar.
If this is still unreadable for you, you have to select tables of interest for yourself - only a database developer could know what tables are of his interest and can group them. When you have a smaller group of tables, you can put them onto a new workspace or format them on the big diagram using Categories coloring.
When you have a smaller table collection, you should be able to read the database and print it out.