Help Creating ER-Diagram Pleasee


Hello Everyone...

I am desperately need help from u guys since i am a new learner for this subject...

can anyone here give an Actual output of the ER Diagram & The Relational Database Schema from the Scenario above do i create this SQL statement base from the Scenario & ER-Diagram if successfully created? Help Me Guys....TQ

DBMS Dummie


in general, on many forums you can find answers like this:
“You need to show some work in order to get help. What have you tried so far?”

If you wish to know how to get started, run Toad Data Modeler, create a new physical model for selected target database, e.g. Oracle 11gR2 and try to model database structure. If you need basic information about how to model databases, I would recommend you to read a book on that topic. If you wish to get oriented in Toad Data Modeler quickly, visit the Library section and watch movies, or read User Guide.