Error 1601 Installing Toad 10.0

Hi. I’m installing Toad Commercial 10.0, but show me the error:

The Installation of componen TOAD FOR ORACLE has failed with the following error:


Select cancel…

How can I do for fix this?


I had the same thing - needed to reregister the Microsoft auto installer

Start–> Run
msiexec /unreg


Start—> Run
msiexec /regserver


That’s interesting, that’s the first I’ve heard of that. There’s still a lot I
don’t know about MSI. I didn’t know the service could get unglued due to a
failed installation. So I’m guessing that you installed Toad via the Quest
Installer, and one of the MSI’s within the Quest Installer bootstrapper series
failed, which caused the Installer service to get disabled for subsequent
installations, and so the fix is to reregister it. I’m guessing.

I wonder if Support knows about this resolution. It comes up fairly often.

Here are two useful links:;en-us;555175&SD=tech