Error box Cannot Load RSS feed

I recently installed TDP 3.7 and I keep getting these pop up boxes that say Unknown: Can not load the RSS feeds from Toad World. I poked around in Options and the only reference I see to RSS feeds is under Collaboration. I tried deleting the link but it won’t let me, it just keeps coming back. The link is toad//communityanalystrss. Is this what is causing those pop up windows, or something else? I came in one morning after leaving my pc on overnight, and there were hundreds of these pop up boxes!

You could turn off the auto display of the launch window. Or turn off internet access to Toad. Below are the default settings. Change these to the opposite of what is shown.

So I agree that the solution Debbie posted works, but my question is, why doesn’t the RSS Feed work? As-in, what is the root cause of the issue? Something changed recently because I’ve never had this issue until recently. By using Debbie’s solution, we’re basically getting rid of the whole RSS Feed functionality. So just wondering what the true issue is and how to fix that.

I have also started seeing this issue and kindof like having the launch window and internet access through toad, so I didn’t want to shut all that down to remove an error that just started showing up.