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Value cannot be null error message.

I have been getting the following error message box when I open queries in TDP This just began today - I don’t believe that I made any setting changes on Friday (7/7/17), nor did I make any setting changes today (7/10/17).

When this box pops up, the query is open in the background. Upon clicking on the “OK” button, the box goes away and the query appears to be normal and I can run it normally. I also believe that I can edit the query without any issues. Thus the error box, once closed, does not appear to prevent any Toad functionality, but is concerning nonetheless.

Does anyone have an idea on how to prevent this box from appearing?

Null message.png


I am not sure what exactly is wrong on your side but my suggestion is try to reset your setting in Option (there is a Restore Defaults on top right corner in Option windows) or you can also try remove your Application Data folder for current Toad (you can open it through About dialog). Maybe you can just rename it at first because you will lost all your settings and connections.

As a last thing would be nice if you can try out our latest version and confirm to us if issue is still there. Thanks


Did this get resolved?