Error editing script

Hi !
I am using Toad for SQL server in version
I had to version control (subversion) a database.
I have scripts under SQL Scripts folder.
Scripts are commited on SVN.
But I try to edit a script I get an error and the editor is empty.

La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’un objet.
Stack Trace:
à Quest.Toad.Editor.EditorForm.set_DatabaseObjectTrl(ITrl value)
à Quest.Toad.Editor.EditorForm.NewEditorForm(ITrl trl)
à Quest.Toad.ChangeHistory.SqlScript.SqlScriptActions.EditScript(Object sender, ITrl[] parentTrls)

Could someone help me please cause I am evaluating TOAD to be used with SQL Server ?


Can you please make a word document with your steps (with snapshots) so we can see it clearly?
Also please send a Support Bundle (Help\Support Bundle) and your Subversion server version. You can attach it to your reply here or send me directly (alexander.maximov at