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Error Editor List Index out of bounds (64)


has anyone seen this error before?(see atatch)

I’ve searched the support link but cannot find any proper answer.

The toad version is the latest.The error goes away for a few hours after reinstalling or after deleting the ApplicationData folder. Then it comes back.

“Load in Editor” is used to load the trigger. There’s a case about this on the support link but the error also comes back after a few hours.

Thank you and best Regards,




Gonçalo ,

Can you send the toad.elf file? It will be in your user files directory. See
Help -> Support Bundle for the location.




when you get an error like this (i.e. that pop-up), you should immediately do
the following (first two are very, very important):



I think that this may have been a bug. Try unchecking Options -> Execute/Compile
-> Save proc parameters between sessions and delete the ToadParams.dat from your
User Files directory.



Hello again. Thank you for your replies.

Im sending you the *.elf file. Will feeback after trying the previous solution.

Best Regards
Toad.elf (353 KB)


I have started to get this error. I tried the recommended solution, but it is still happening. Was there any further information on this issue?
Ian Jackson



Do you have Options -> Execute/Compile -> Behavior -> Save proc parameters between sessions unchecked?

You also have to delete the toadparams.ini file in your User Files dir.



yes, I did both the uncheck and deleted the file.

I am on

I also get the same error in 10.5 beta.


Ian Jackson

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sorry … I meant to say I did NOT get the error on the beta