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Error Installing Toad Db2 Freeware


I’ve been trying to install version of Toad for DB2 but it never finishes installation properly. The install wizard appears, I click next and then it closes without the installation occuring. I have admin rights on my machine and have also tried to do a silent install with no success. Any suggestions?

What OS are you running?

Do you have any other DB2 clients installed?

Do you have any other Toads installed?

Are you logging on as the Administrator or do you just have Admin rights?

it would be great if you could attempt the install again and also post an install log.

If you are using exe to install with use this command line:

“ToadDB25.1.656.exe” /S /Lx “C:\temp\installLog.txt”

If you are using msi use this:

msiexec /i ToadDB25.1.656…msi /qn /lv c:\toaddb2installlog.txt

Thanks, running CMD in elevated mode and executing the msiexec command worked