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Error pop-up cannot be moved or anchored


I compile a package body using F9, and I get an error message.
Then I double-click on the message in the tab titled ‘Errors’.
So I get a pop-up with help suggestions.

So far so good.

The pop-up appears on my primary screen (Toad is on the secondary)
Also the pop-up does not let itself be moved, resized, or anchored.
But it’s so narrow, I can hardly read any of the lines.

The horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the pop-up window works ok,
but the window is simply too narrow to get a proper overview of its contents.

Is this “as designed”?

If it cannot be anchored, ok.
If it cannot be moved, that’s impractical, but I can live with it.
But not being able to resize the window makes all but unusable.

Just a thought.

Abe Kornelis.