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Error selecting a table with xmltype column

Hello, Team.

I have a table with a XMLType column.

I am just executing , using Toad, select * from schema1.table and I got the error:

Access violation at address 00007FFBA7ED53EE in module 'oraclient18.dll'. Read of address 0000000000000010

Thanks in advanced.


In Toad version 13.3 that will work.

In 13.1, here are some workarounds:

  1. use this "SQL" instead: edit tablename
  2. use this SQL instead: select rowid, x.nonxmlcolumn, x.xmlcolumn.getclobval() as xmlcolumn from tablename x
  3. Hit F4 on tablename and go to data tab.

Thanks for your great help, John.

So, I will upgrade to 13.3 version.