Toad crash on tables with XMLTYPE

When running queries in TOAD on any table with XMLTYPE fields, it fails with error:
[Error] Execution (1: 1): Access violation at address 0000000180289580 in module ‘oraclient11.dll’. Read of address 0000000000000010

Is there a fix for this, where can I get an updated DLL?

I’m using TOAD, on Windows 7.

Morning RustyCoder,

the problem has been around for a while and is documented at
Problem with XMLType which may or
may not help.

The problem is in Oracle’s DLL and that hasn’t, or doesn’t appear to
have been, updated to fix it. :frowning:


Norm. [TeamT]

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Thanks NormTeamT for letting me know, I’m dumbfounded this was never truly fixed but I guess I’m in a small minority of users.

You’re not in as much as a minority as you might think.
I wish we could do something about this other than tell people to cast it as clob (and do that ourselves when we can). It’s front and center on our radar but our hands are tied. :frowning:

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Next beta, if you cast the XMLTYPE to CLOB with either XMLSerialize or GetClobVal, and include the ROWID in your select statement, then you'll be able to edit the data in the popup editor.

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