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Error: [Teradata Database] [3704] 'š' ('A0'X) is not a valid Teradata SQL token.


Getting Error: [Teradata Database] [3704] ‘š’ ('A0’X) is not a valid Teradata SQL token. while executing code;

select top 10 * from SVC_BASE.S_EVT_ACT_X where ATTRIB_43 =‘87901041270’

Any suggestion/advice?

Chanchal Sheik

Hi Chanchal,

Could you provide a little bit more info, please?

What’s the version of Teradata database. What clien do you use - ODBC or native .Net? What’s version of the client?

Could you provide DDL to recreate the table?

Could you also provide screenshot of the SQL Editor with the statement, error message, and the result panel?



This occurs when you paste codes from messenger or lync and try to execute. If you re write the code or copy codes from email, they should work

It looks like you already figured out why you had the error. Messanger/Linc uses so called NON-BREAK SPACE (Unicode 00A0) instead of the space character (Unicode 0020) to format messages. And Teradata complains about this character.

So if you get queries using messenger/Linc paste query into Notepad first and copy from there into Toad.



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