Toad Data Point ODBC Issue

Toad continues to return the following Teradata error when run as part of an automation process using the Exec Script.

[Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] The string contains an untranslatable character.

To resolve it we use and ODBC driver setting to enable the legacy parser, which works, but not in the automation script.

The same ODBC connection runs the same script successfully in the SQL editor. The script when run in the automation behaves as if it is not using the ODBC driver settings. We disabled ODBC caching, but the problem persists.

We've tried changing the cache settings (enabled and disabled), resetting the connections, but there's no obvious indication as to why the connection would work only in the editor.

Is there some way to troubleshoot this?


Hi toad.user,

I believe our product team will want to look at a support bundle to help assist with this issue. Can you please open a service request on this item at . Let me know if you need any assistance opening the support request.

I am unable to open a ticket. My license key isn't even listed.

If you DM me a screenshot of your licensing screen I can open the ticket for you