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error when importing csv file into Oracle table - ORA-24381


I encoutered an error while trying to import 27 records into oracle table.
Format csv.
The error message:
Import Started [6/3/2009 4:28:24 PM]
Processing “PRJ_INFO.csv” into “TMSCENTRAL.PRJ_INFO”
Reading from file PRJ_INFO.csv
Error: ORA-24381: error(s) in array DML
Error importing data, please check file format options: ORA-24381: error(s) in array DML
Import Finished [6/3/2009 4:28:29 PM]

I could do it manually, but recently obtained TOAD license and trying to utilize the software.
Any suggestions are appreciated.


Unfortunately, when we do array processing we do not know what row had the issue.

When you say you are able to enter the data manually, do you mean with insert statements or entering the data into the cells of a data grid?

The number one error that causes this is the data for a column is not compatible with that column type. IE: Length of varchar is too long for column def, nonnumeric into numeric column, etc. Do you have any possibilities of this kind of issue? Or it can be a constraint issue.

If possible, send me the rows and table definition in private email and I can take a look on this side.



Hi Debbie,
I approached a problem from a different angle.
I used compared tool in Toad which helped to generate insert statements.
I discovered that one of the column did not have enough length to accommodate
incoming data. I altered the column and data was inserted without any problems.
Thanks for your assistance.