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Input array is longer than the number of columns in this table.

Can anyone tell me why I get this and what I can do to resolve?

I am inputing a CSV file to an Oracle Table, there are a couple columns of size varchar 2000 to accomodate the input file.


Sounds like the parsing of the csv file is incorrect. Check the additional characters and settings on the file settings page. If it is not obvious what the issue is, send me the file and I will take a look.


I get the same error when I upload a text file. I can go to a different machine and I don’t get the error. It may be machine problems.

This error occurs when one of the rows has more columns than the other rows. This is usually because the file was made incorrectly. Sometimes this occurs because the string content contains the same character that is being used as a delimiter and the string was not enclosed in quotes. If you want to post the file I would be happy to take a look.