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Trying to import and Excel file as a table.

but I am getting this error: Failed inserting from row #0 to #25 without detailed row number info : ORA-12704: character set mismatch

Do you want to cancel the import? Click no to ignore the current error(s) and any additional errors and continue importing. Toad will not prompt you again if another error occurs.

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I have not seen this before. I would try the following:

  1. Use an Oracle client instead of Direct Connect or ODBC (if you are)
  2. Import into a table that is using NVARCHAR() datatypes (If you have to import into an existing table try importing into new table just to see how this changes things.


I have the exact same problem:

  1. I use Oracle 9.2 to access the DBs

  2. I already tried to import the excel file into a NVARCHAR() datatype, using a new table and an existing one.

Have you any other idea how to debug?

I will need to get some details on this. I need the NLS settings for both server and client.

  1. Go to Tools | Adminisration | Session Info. Take a screen shot of the Reg Entries, NLS Parameters, and V$Parameters tabs.

  2. I need to names and data types of all columns you are importing to.

  3. Sample import file that has the issue.

  4. OS type, Regional settings of your OS and language of OS.

With this I will see if I can reproduce.


Hi Debbie,

Where can I send you the files you asked for below?


We created a database with the configurations you have but were not able to produce the error with the file you sent. (Thanks for the files, BTW)

This error is specific to the Oracle client and your server. Can you create a Direct Connection and try the import? This will be slower but direct connect does not use the client so we may get better results.

I have attached a screen shot of directo connect. Let me know how it goes.