Error with export template during Automation

I’m trying to figure out how the automation works in TOAD, and I came across the folowwing error:
“This template uses @CLUMB1 connection and the parent automation connection is to @CLUMB2. Please, change the automation connection or change the attribute to not use parent connection.”
I am able to connect to the database fine, and execute the export sql estatement, but not when I insert it inan automation script. Other automation exports work just fine. I have tried rebuilding the export script, reconnecting with the DB, creating an automation script just for this export… but it still gives me the error. Any one could explain to me why this happens and what does it mean?
I’m using TOAD for Data Analyst

Thanks a lot.

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I have found a way around the problem, rebuilding the export script in the same automation script, although it still bothers me why an externally created export script would work. Is any connection specified then creating the export script?

Hi,* Automation is a core feature for TDA, so can you please resubmit your question in a forum which is completely devoted to it?
Thanks, *Alexander.

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