Errors while importing an Excel sheet


I want to import an Excel 2003 xls file using Toad’s import wizard (menu: Tools->Import->Import Wizard). The data of the excelsheet should be imported into a table that has to be created by the wizard.
Unfortunately the wizard generates an ORA-12704 error (character set mismatch) during the import. I found out it has to do with NVARCHAR2 columns that are defined by the script generated by the wizard (so I do not get this error if none of the columns are NVARCHAR2).

Obviously the question is: how can I get rid of this error? Can the wizard generate VARCHAR2 columns as well?

I’m using Toad for Data Analists 2.7 and Oracle 8.1.7.


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When you import to a new table we look at the first 100 rows and suggest default datatypes. But you do not have to use these data types. You can edit the value. See screenshot. If you want to reuse this import script, save to import template. The datatypes you set will be retained.


Thanks, I didn’t expect you’re able to enter values not available in the drop down list. Anyway, I entered the type VARCHAR2 and this got me rid of the error.