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Excel import fails converting data version

I'm running Toad Data Point and cannot duplicate the problem my team is having with TDP
When we import an excel file with data type varchar to a column type varchar in MS SQL 2008 we get the error:

"Conversion failed converting the varchar value 'blah blah' to data type int."

They get this failure on both import to existing and import to new table. We are importing nvarchar to nvarchar and it thinks the destination is int when it is actually nvarchar.

They can make it work if they export to a .CSV file, but that adds steps. Our company no longer installs 4.3 so I can't install the older version for them. My version works even with formulas while the new version does not. We removed formulas, saved as xlsx, xls etc, Only CSV works for the newer version.

This looks like a bug... can you please open a Support ticket so that R&D can properly investigate and track?

Hello. Has there been any resolution to this issue?

I am trying to track down the support request but cannot find it and I don't have the support # that was opened. Are you encountering this issue in the latest product - Toad Data Point 5.5 ?

Was able to get 5.5 sooner than expected, and yes I am still receving the same error. Table is created as varchar data type, but for some reason on import it is trying to convert it to int.

Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'AB8717' to data type int.

Is there a way you can sort the data so that the value 'AB8717' is within the first 10 being imported?