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ETL Automation - Reconnect When Connection Lost?

Hello all,
I am still learning Toad and I was curious, is there a way to set a Toad automation script to reconnect when the connection is lost? I run a rather lengthy process that can sometimes take up to 3hrs. Sometimes it runs, but other times, I see it failed with the message of "TD Connection is Not Open".
Maybe there is a way to build an if Statement in?
Thanks in advance!

Welcome back, DataHound...

We can define an enhancement request (or better yet, please place your suggestion in TDP's Idea Pond). However, are you noticing a pattern when connections are lost? Is it possible that the DB Admin has defined a time limit for certain user connections? Would be good to know why connection is being lost, and it's possibly fixable on the database end.

You can also add 'connection' steps to your automation script if you feel like you need to refresh the connection at a specific time.