Reconnect all lost connections

When is the menu item enabled? As far as I can remember I've never seen it enabled. I would think it should be enabled when 1 or more connections are disconnected as shown below.
I'm on version 17.0.341.1977

Yes, it should become enabled whenever we detect that a connection is lost....which, it seems that we have because you have the "connection lost" icon on a couple of connections.

I'm not sure if you can tell in my screen capture but the menu item is NOT enabled.

Yes, I see. I've logged this to investigate later.

Not sure what's happening off the top of my head. What did you (or Toad) do when Toad discovered that the connection was lost? (opened a form, run a sql, etc)

I use a SSH Tunnel to access my DB's. The SSH connection was lost which caused the DB connection to be lost. I wasn't doing anything with Toad at the time and just restarted the SSH tunnel.

Did you have Session Browser or some other window open that runs periodic background SQL? Toad won't notice that a connection is lost until it tries (and fails) to run a SQL.

Yes, I have the Transaction window open and set to refresh every 120 seconds.

ah, good. Ok, thanks.