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Automatic Reconnect

Request an option for automatic reconnect of a session if it is found disconnected by any operation that needs the connection. Then, display an error only if the reconnect fails.


Based on your other recent posts, I assume you got this idea after connection was lost and then you tried a query in the Editor with F9.

In the next version (available March 30, 2021), you will get a "reconnect" prompt.

I'm not sure if auto-reconnect-then-retry-query-and-happily-continue-like-nothing-ever-happened is doable, but I'll investigate. That sounds nice, if it's possible.

I have wanted auto-reconnect in TOAD ever since I began using it in the early days. It seems to me that if you can put up a reconnect prompt, you could just reconnect if the option was available and enabled.

Reconnecting is easy. The part that I'm not sure about is globally, throughout Toad, without changes all over our source code, have it re-execute the last query after the reconnect and then continue like nothing happened. I think it's doable but I'm not 100% sure about that yet.

I can add this. It will be an option in 14.2. It won't cover every situation (like fetching rows from a query that was executed before the disconnect, or debugging), but it should cover most things in Toad.

Wonderful. Thank you sir.


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