Example of Toad-SS not finding existing table in auto Complete - support for previous bug report.

Alex !!!

I was just programming along, when I FIRST tried to perform a drop of a table I
had just created, which you can see the select results in the graphic. Please
note that Toad-SS auto complete did not find the table as depicted in the first

In the second graphic I started an Update statement to see if auto-complete
would find the table … IT did not.

I then went back to made sure in the object explorer that the table
(DBATEST_Validation) was present, which it was. However the auto-complete did
not find the table for the Update statement as shown in the third graphic

Lastly, your previous email to me is attached for reference.

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect


678.414.0090 my cell Primary

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