Examples of Run program element in Automations

I’ve been testing and exploring the versatility of automations and the “Run Program” element. Now I’ve been able to have it open and/or print an excel of pdf file but what are more examples of ways to use this element; what are the "verbs’ and "arguments’ people have been successfully use in automations.

Can this be used to update a website for instance, pass multiselect parameters (which is currently not possible with just the prompt parameter option in automations), call for extra authorization/profiles etc?

I am looking for examples here.


Some that come to mind are…

Pre script data cleaning - Process two files together via a script and delete extra columns before import to a database

Post script data processing - Calls to R for GIS mapping or other data visualizations not supported by Toad

Data Distribution - Notify users via net send that a job has been completed and that their report is ready

Data Distribution - We had an internal problem that prevented the FTP options in Toad from working for us. So a remote procedure call was made via batch program to a different machine to trigger a file transfer to be initiated.

Thanks, what would some of the “verbs” and “Arguments” you used here? That is part of the use of the element that has stumped me most.