Toad Data Point v3.3 Automation System Activites Run Program Help

Can anyone offer any advice on how to properly use the automation system activities run program? I am trying to launch the cmd prompt and have it execute one line of code that will download a file which will need to be extracted then imported. I have not used the run program and my many attempts have been unsuccessful in getting the cmd program to return the desired outcome. If there are any tutorials for doing please let me know. I greatly appreciate any help! Thanks!

Hi Slavik,

To use the Run Program activity you have to specify a program what has to be run and arguments if necessary.

For example the following simple script executes external TestBatch.bat file that contains a copy command.


You can find more information online at



Thanks Aleksey! Do you have any tips executing 1 line of a cmd prompt? What I tried was inserting the cmd.exe file in the program and the 1 line of code I need to execute as the argument. When it executes, the file I need to download doesn’t get downloaded and the cmd prompt quickly opens and closes. Do I need to create a .bat/.exe file that will open the cmd prompt and then execute the line of code?

You should put the 1 line of code in a .bat file and insert the file’s path in the Program field. On the screen shot from my previous replay it‘s the TestBatch.bat and it contains just one line that copies a file :

copy d:\temp\test_file.txt d:\temp\1\test_file.txt



Thanks again Aleksey!