Excel export options in TDP 5.0 workbook

In TDP 5.0 workbook mode, I don't see any Excel export options on the menu bar and when I right-click on the data I don't see the Quick Export option. In non-workbook mode I'm seeing both. Where do I find the Excel export options in workbook mode?

If its any consolation, I agree that data grids in Workbook mode should have similar, if not the same, capabilities as in TDP's traditional interface. I'm hoping the Dev team is working on it for a future release.

In the meantime, to get export, you'll need to perform "Add Step" to your workflow query, and then choose one of the options under "Report", as per below. Hope this helps.

I tested the Excel export using “add step” and that seems to work fine. Would it be possible to check with the Dev team to see if are planning to add the other
export options in a future release?

Have asked Product Management/Dev already. Stay tuned for a possible direct answer from them.

Toad Workbook was designed for a specific user, those that used to use Hyperion Brio. Regular TDP and TDP workbook work differently. TDP is a collection of tools. Toad Workbook is a way to build reports by having result sets flow from the top down on the left. When we try to put the two styles together it gets confusing and we go back to the regular TDP which is a collection of tools. In the next release you will be able to run both TDP regular and Toad Workbook side by side.

Thanks for the explanation. That helps us understand the difference between regular TDP and TDP workbook. We are planning to migrate from Brio to TDP and in most cases we will be using TDP workbook.

I noticed in Workbook there is a Pivot Grid menu with several options including an "export" option that is currently grayed out/disabled. Do you anticipate that this will be enabled at some point in the future and will it have Excel as an export option?

Where is the menu? Can you post a screenshot?
The concept of workbook is that every step has an output. For a pivot Grid you add the next step and chose reports to export to excel or pdf or output for saving to local storage or to publish. So a menu in the pivot grid is not necessary for exporting. (actually you shouldn't see a grayed out option)

Also, this blog page has a log of good video on how things work.

Here's a screen shot of the Pivot Grid menu.

Thanks for the screenshot. i didn't think to look there. In workbook they are disabled on purpose as these are actions that would be available when data does not flow from one step to another. Export of pivots, (flat table or Excel Pivot) are available as a step as explained above.