I need help with trying to Export a Pivot Grid

I have created several pivot grids that I would like to export into one Excel spreadsheet. How can this be done? I have version

When I have the Pivot Grid open in Toad for DA showing the results, I click export in the bottom right hand corner. I receive the error “Error invoking print window. Printing is not available at this time”. I’ve tried even using the export wizard with no luck.

I have also tried the quick export with the Pivot grid open. I receive the error “Export did not find any result sets to process”.

Help, I just want to get these pivot grids in an excel format!

Thank you,

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Did you ever solve this? I am having exactly the same issue.


What version of TDP do you have? I have never seen this error.


Hello, thanks for the reply.

I have Toad for Data Analysts

I also feel so curious about this topic. I ever investigated on a pivot grid control and I did know how to export grid to excel before. But, when comes to Toad, I also got no idea.

Can you upgrade to the latest version of TDP which is 3.4. Using the one-click to excel pivot is the best method to use.l