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Export Format Limitations

Does TDP only export to excel and cvs? Seems limited. I have 1.7M records that I need to export in a pipe-delimited format to a txt file, but it doesn't appear to be an option. TDP is also basing the use of quotes upon the data type. Seems that it won't quote int, but that is creating a problem for the system I need to import to. So I either have to cast all my values and re-export or do a find and replace on it. I have to actually switch to Toad for Oracle to export in this format. Curious why they wouldn't have the same export options.

TDP does way more than just export to Excel and Flat files. For pipe-delimited exports, choose Delimited Text from the Output Format drop-down within the Export Wizard and make the Column Delimiter whatever char you want it to be, per snap below.

This is the kind of a bizarre behavior I encounter with TDP. If I click through the wizard it adds things that I haven't specified, then it skips a step, but when I click the back button the step appears again. Also a step in the wizard will advance on it's own (Next button clicks without user interaction). This is clearly buggy behavior. I have not upgraded to 5.1 yet, but I'm looking into it.

What I do notice a lot is that the stack seems to get overloaded because nothing happens and then you wind up clicking again trying to figure out why nothing is happening. The import/export wizard is notorious for sticking at places, won't finish, and won't cancel. You have to kill TDP to get out of it or go into task manager and try to find the process specific to the wizard and kill it.