Importing CSV not parsing data

Importing an Excel CSV file will not parse data or recognize the header row in my 32 bit 5.6 Toad Datapoint.
A colleague has no issues with his 64 bit 5.3. He can load to the same table, but when he sends me the file he used I can duplicate the error when attempting an import, the header row is not recognize and it won't parse it.

I would downgrade to 5.3 but our company does not distribute that version any longer. I've ordered 5.6 Pro 64 to see what that does.

Is this a version issue, a corrupt install, a missing or wrong driver?

Hi Pterobyte,

You sound not need to downgrade your Toad Data Point version. It is difficult to troubleshoot this without seeing the excel spreadsheet, but I would suggest you reach out to support ( and they should be able to help - even in the support chat.