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Exception Trace Log consumes hard drive

I am having a problem where my ExceptionTrace.log totally consumes my hard drive, to the point where my scheduled tasks fail because there is no more room on my drive. Just after a week, the file was 6GB in size and has been as large as 21GB.

I created the following script to automatically delete this files. Sorry Quest if you think these files are useful. There should be some way that Toad will clean up the files periodically or will limit their size.

I create the VBS file then use Task Scheduler to schedule routine deleting of these files.


Const DeleteReadOnly = True
Dim File

’ This section sets up the directory and the file names.
’ You will need to change the directory to match your Application Data Location
Const FILE_LOCATION = “C:\Users\David-~1\AppData\Roaming\Quests~1\Toadfo~1.1”
Const FILE1_NAME = “ExceptionTrace.log”
Const FILE2_NAME = “Action.log”

’ This section makes sure the files exist so the Delete doesn’t error out.
Set fso = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
Set File=fso.CreateTextFile(FILE_LOCATION & FILE1_NAME, True)
Set File=fso.CreateTextFile(FILE_LOCATION & FILE2_NAME, True)
Set FSO = nothing

'This section deletes those two files.
Set obj = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
obj.DeleteFile(FILE_LOCATION & FILE1_NAME),DeleteReadOnly
obj.DeleteFile(FILE_LOCATION & FILE2_NAME),DeleteReadOnly

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Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve created CR100389 to address it in future release.


Found this log when having a similar issue with ExceptionTrace.log filling up the hard drive.

Not sure if you have found a solution to it, but this is what I have found out in my own example.

Running TDA jobs using MS scheduled tasks.
One job had got stuck in a loop and had been running for more that 24 hrs and this was filling up the log.
Within MS Scheduled tasks, you can show the job properties, and one of the options tabs is Settings.
With in this is the option “Stop the take if it run for”.
The default is 72hrs. If you amend this to a more sensible time, and jobs that can not complete are shut down.

This seems to have fixed my issue with ExceptionTrace.log filling up.

Not sure if this work for everyone but might be worth a try.


I didn’t know about that option. It might come in handy.



P.S. We did put in a fix for issue and it is in Toad Data Point 3.3 Beta if you want to try it.