Toad Data Point Hanging?

We have a fairly complex automation that logs on to several monitoring tools and extracts performance data for the company servers. One in particular (data from BMC Portal) seems to hang randomly each month that we run it. When I check the log it just shows that it is trying to write a number of rows to local storage. On this occasion it was trying to write to a big table (over 4.5 million rows) but after over an hour I usually stop it and restart the automation from that point - and it then works. Any ideas?

I’d clear you temp dir. and then I would add " /log=all" to the command line when the automation is scheduled. Then include the toad.log file in the end email. It is possible that some unexpected row data might be causing us some issues. Also, what version of TDP are you using? Please upgrade to latest TDP 3.8.

Thanks Debbie. I’ve checked the temp directory and there is very little in it. I have verbose logging enabled - will log=all show even more information? We are using 3.8. I am including the log file in the end email but when it hangs I have to kill TDP to continue!

The next time it hangs kill the app and then generate a support bundle. log=all will add more info to one log but there are others that might help me.

That’s great - thanks Debbie. We next run our huge extract script at the beginning of May so I’ll obtain a support bundle then.