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ExclusionFile seems to make no difference to Schema Compare



I am using Toad DevOps Toolkit to perform a schema compare of two oracle database schemas. I wish to exclude from the comparison a PL/SQL Package and so have created an exclusion file that contains the following two lines ( it is based upon the exclusion file generated by TOAD Automation Designer Schema Compare as I had no other reference for what one should look like):

Package Body:PKG_LND

I provide the location to this file to TDT by assigning it to the ExclusionFile (where $EXCLUSION_ FILE is a variable containing the full path to the exclusion file):

$TDT.CompareSchemas.ExclusionFile = $EXCLUSION_FILE

However, whenever the comparison runs, the PKG_LND still appears in the generated sync script. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug ?

Thanks in advance for your help,



That’s a bug. It was reported earlier (internally I think) and is fixed for the next version.

It uses the same file as Toad, so your assumption was correct.


Thanks for the quick response. So it should be available in release 1.3 of Toad DevOps Toolkit ? Do you have a date when the next release will be available ?


1.3, correct. As for the date, it’s not set yet as far as I know.


Okay. Thanks, I’ll keep a lookout for it.