Execute as Script (F5) Crashes/Freezes/Hangs


In this post "Execute as Script" is referred to as F5 and "Execute Statement" is referred to as F9.

From Toad for Oracle's Editor:

  1. F5 of any DDL or DML (non-select) freezes (have to "End Task" for Toad for Oracle in Window's Task Manger). In another Oracle session, I can see that the original session is inactive and "done" processing the DDL or DML.
  2. F9 of DDL (e.g. create table) is slow (screen refreshes a number of times), but does eventually finish.
  3. F9 of DML is okay.
  4. F5 or F9 of select statement is okay.

The behavior of item 1 above has changed (though the Toad for Oracle version has not changed).

Using Toad for Oracle on a Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) 20H2 Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0 with three Oracle Instant Clients installed,, and (all 64-bit) connected to an Oracle 19c EE version (on a remote Red Hat server). My Toad for Oracle connection is configured to use the Instant Client. I suspect either the latest Oracle patch on the remote Red Hat server, some recent Windows patch, or some interaction with the Instant Clients and Toad for Oracle.

I do not experience the issue when using SQL*Plus or Toad Script Runner.

Do you have any ideas as to what may be causing this change in behavior, so that I can pass along any advice/recommendations to my computer support group in my organization?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Space Cord

It's hard to say what's going on here. If I were you I would reset user files, then bring back connections and whatever other settings that you are interested in. Steps to do that are here

Also, if you can convince your mgmt to update to the latest version, I'd recommend doing that too. Version 16.2 will be coming out in about a month. We've been mostly focused on stability improvements in every release since version 13.3, but some nice features have been added also.



We upgraded to (64 bit) with DB Admin Module.

This issue is still occurring.

We have found that InstantClients can make a difference.

InstantClients (64-bit) and (64-bit) have very slow DDL (F5) from the Editor response times (F5 in TSR is fine). The actual DDL statements seem to occur fast, but it takes Toad for Oracle a long time (several minutes) before it let's me do anything else (mouse cursor is blue spinning circle).

InstantClient (64-bit) is faster, but still not as fast as TSR.

Any further ideas?

Thank you.

I don't know what would cause that much of a delay. I don't have that problem here with a 19c client.

In Toad 16.2, you have the option of not using any Oracle client at all. (You can only change the option if you don't have an active connection). Does that help?

Check options -> Oracle -> Transactions. Is "Execute scripts in Toad Session" checked? It will be faster if it is.

Is tracing enabled in the Editor (look on the "trace" tab)? It will be faster if it is not.

Is DBMS Output enabled in the Editor (DBMS Output tab)? It will be faster if it is not.

Check Options -> Online -> Toad Improvement Program. Does it help if you set that to "No"?

You can try turning on spool SQL with timings to see if that reveals anything.