"Execute as Script (F5)" button is not working!

In toad 16 the Execute as Script button is not working as expected. there are some occasions that it is not doing anything when pressed (or when the F5 key is pressed). it seems is doing something but nothing happens. the strange thing is that it happens sometimes, usually where there are empty lines at the beginning of the editor screen.

The F9 key or execute/compile button works correctly.

I know it is hard to explain but I made this small animated GIF to try to show the issue.

I hope this can be resolved as it is really important for us as we use the "execute as scripts" very often.

toad execute error

Toad 16.0, 16.1, or 16.2?

Also, do you know that you don't have to select anything before running as script? You can just run as script.

I tried to reproduce this but is working fine for me.

Maybe related to this? F5 not working after multiple F9s across multiple editors

Once it happens, does it continue happening until you restart? What do you do to get it working again? Does it only happen when a comment is included in the script?

When it starts happening, one test you could to is turn on Spool SQL to see if it tries to execute any SQL at all.

Thanks for your reply John, the version I am using is

I am not sure it has any relationship to the issue you mentioned, the only thing similar is that I also notice this happens when I have multiple tabs and connection open.

I also notice if I open a new instance of Toad with a fresh connection this does not happen.

I enabled spool but it doesn't seems it executes anything.

maybe we can organize a video conference and I can show you as it is difficult to explain.

If you want to do video conf, how about I get someone from support to contact you, to get all the details and record it in our bug tracking system. They'll log it, follow up, etc, and nag me until I get it fixed. :slight_smile: I can get on the call too if needed.

Or, if you can make it happen by just adding a few more steps before your gif above (like making multiple connections, etc), let me know what else is needed.

ok, that works, let me see if I can do a longer video and try to reproduce it consistently, otherwise we can organize a video conf next week and show you.

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