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Executing SQL file from Project Manager

i wanted to start using the Project Manager to organize all my sql files… i have managed to add several to a project by right-clicks ~> add ~> Existing File… however, the only way i can seem to execute the sql files is to open then run. Is there a way that i can simply right-click the file name in the project manager window and execute directly from there?

Hi azahn_890,
It is possible to execute sql file in Project Manager by right click on the file and selecting Execute:

Please note that you should have an opened connection before you execute the script.



Hey @Petr.Hodovsky

Thanks for the response. Ive tried that several times and i do not get that option on .sql files.

i do get that option for import templates but not sql files.

i did add the sql files to the project manager by right clicking ~> add ~> existing file....

does it need to be a "named sql"?

some of these are not actually output sql scripts, they are inserts, etc...

The execute action works for me. But as Petr says it will open up into an editor and execute the statement using the current connection. Both Peter and I do not have any application associated to our *.sql files. They are the same as a text file. I notice your files are associated to an app. It kiind of looks like another kind of Toad app. I suspect it is trying to open that app instead.