Executing status on task bar

Is there a way to make toad show something on the task bar saying query is actively being executed?
like if a query runs for a few mins, we will minimise toad and work on something else. Every few mins i am having to check if the query completed. In one of the other tools that I use, if an query is running, the task bar item will change red, and it will remove the red color after executing. So, it is easy to track the query execution that way even when it is minimised.

please adivce if we can make this happen in toad.

Thank you.

There is currently no way to do this, but this is an excellent suggestion for an enhancement. I opened issue #75,563 to track this request. Thanks,Adam

Hi Praveen,

In Windows 7 the Toad icon in the Windows taskbar shows editor progress. The background turns green while SQL is being executed.