Re: TOAD selects all text - no way to stop data fetches?

No, it’s the licensed TOAD for Oracle Xpert version.

I tried a few tests. The “SQL HOURGLASS” icon only seems to appear
if I have “Execute in threads” clicked so that might be a red

If I write a long running query on my large dataset (with execute in threads
checked), say something like

Select * from foo order by yada

And then click the green arrow EXECUTE STATEMENT button the thing will take off
and the white hand icon will come alive whilst the query runs offering me the
chance to cancel the query. The hand is alive both next to the green arrow and
on top of the data grid. Then I get my first 500 records. If I click the LAST
RECORD button on the data grid the data begins to fetch but the hand button
again comes alive. Clicking on the hand brings up a “Do you want to cancel
the data fetch?” dialogue box. All very good.

But if instead of clicking EXECUTE STATEMENT I instead put the cursor down in
the result set and click SELECT ALL TEXT, the query takes off but the hand
remains greyed out. In fact nothing on the TOAD app appears to be interactive
whist this type of fetching is going on. It runs until complete or more likely
until memory is exhausted (or I manually bring the application down).



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