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explain table does not exist, or does it?

Dear Ann Landers,

I enter a sql statement in the code editor and click the ‘explain plan’ icon in the toolbar.

That gives “Error in SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist”
and an option to ‘create table’, with a default name of ‘SQLN_EXPLAIN_PLAN’ under my schema.

I select to create the table.

It returns “Table “SQLN_EXPLAIN_PLAN” already exists.”

And if I query dba_tables, it is there …

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Hi estevens_062,

Could you provide more details to help us to reproduce your issue?

like which version of nav you use, steps or provide error picture.

Many Thanks,


Well, it seems we have a real mystery, probably unsolvable at this point. When I tried to reproduce the problem to get some screen shots, it never complained and gave me my explain plan. So I connected to another database that I new I had never use SQL Nav on and tried to reproduce. It merely prompted me to create a plan table, optionally a public synonym, created the table and gave me my explain plan. Looks like we’ll just have to put this aside for now and I’ll keep very close track of what I do in this regard in the future.