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Task Scheduler: Export not running Macro(s) on Excel 2016

Toad Data Point 3.8
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
Excel 2016


I have seen similar postings of this issue but can’t seem to resolve it. With the recent MS Office upgrade, data in all XLSM files are no longer updated since the macro does not execute.

While observing the process, I noticed the file exported was a different a size, then it quickly “rolls-back” to the size of “pre-macro”.

I’ve also interrupted the process; as soon as the file is exported (before it was finalized), I intentionally opened the file and the data is accurate (the macro had run). I then received an error notification from Toad (as intended) since the process could not be completed.

The Export seems execute the macro, but then disables it before finalizing? It works fine running the job directly from Toad, but not from the Task Scheduler.

Toad Data Point 3.8 – .TAS

  1. ODBC Driver: Oracle in OraClient11g_home1 (64 bit)

  2. Export Category: Query; Output Format: Excel; Excel file: .xlsm; Worksheet name: (Clear worksheet data before exporting); Existing File: Add Date/Time Suffix to filename

  3. Execute macro: After export (I’ve tried different combinations)

  4. Export objects list: Export query to ExcelFile

Excel 2016

  1. Macro Settings:

a) Enable all macros

b) Trust access to the VBA project object model

Task Scheduler

  1. Configure for: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (I’ve selected “Windows Server 2008” - no difference)

  2. Run with highest privileges

In addition (this occurs sporadically), when I open an existing TAS file, a new Database Activities (i.e. Database Connection), or File Activities (i.e. Delete File), or System Activities (i.e. Pause) is added mysteriously towards the bottom. Nothing in the Error Log to explain the reason for this…

Any suggestions? I greatly appreciate the help!

Thank you [:)]

Thank you for detailed information. When you schedule it, were you using the same user account as you login or other system account? We’d like to get the support bundle from you to do further investigation. Is it possible to also send us a sample xlsm file so we can reproduce it locally? You can send it to my email directly if you like.



Hi Kiki,

I’ve sent the sample file to Once again, thanks for looking into this!


Hello zzz,

My initial investigation was not able to determine the issue. I need more time. I think it’s better to track it via support case, please open a ticket and have them make a subcase straight away and reference forum.



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Hi Kiki,

I’ve sent the sample file to Once again, thanks for looking into this!


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I had one more idea on this. We did some work on macro support in automation scripts in TDP 4.0.1 (QAT-8118 & QAT-6671). Please down load the latest patch TDP 4.0.1 and see if this is better.

Good day,

I have a similar issue and I noticed that the macros fire when I manually hit run but not when the scheduled automation runs. The automation is set to run with high highest privilege and I get no error in the logs. Any ideas why that is? I have Toad Data Point 5.30.333

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

Hi Alonso -

I would suggest you open a support ticket o our support engineers ( and developers, if needed) can take a deeper dive into this one. For help working with support - go to Welcome to Quest Support and you can watch the video " Submitting technical service requests on the Quest Support portal - Video 10"